The first single from the debut ep - "The Space Between"  

Was it real? Or a dream? We might never know, but for the sake of our collective sanity, let's say it's real that you can stream Cognitive Dissonance now!


About Sophie

Sophie Holohan is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from San Jose, California. Growing up in a musical household, she found her calling in writing original music at a young age. With whimsical lyrics and powerful melodies, Sophie’s writing expresses typically unspoken truths in a unique and poignant way. During her freshman year at Berklee College of Music, she found viral success with her song "Codependent" on TikTok and decided to leave school to sign a deal with AVEX USA's label "SELENE" and move to LA to pursue music full time. In December season of 2022, she released her self-produced "butterfly effect - demo" which sparked a trend on TikTok where over 30,000 people shared the "butterfly effects" in their lives. So far, she has released two tracks ("Cognitive Dissonance" and Megan's Song") from her anticipated debut EP "The Space Between" which is out everywhere on October 14th. She wants you to know that she is "so incredibly excited to get to share my first body of work. October can't get here soon enough!"  

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"I have a collection of garden gnome related items and even makes gnome earrings! What started as a bit has gone too far to be stopped."

Even MORE fun fact !

"I have a cat named Franklin. I named him Franklin because I love Frank's Red Hot Sauce and his name before I adopted him was "Lynnball". I don't know who names their cat that, but I wanted to honor his past - so Frank-lin was chosen."

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