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Sophie Holohan - Tippy Toes EPK

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Sophie Holohan is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter born in the suburbs of Chicago and raised in San Jose, CA. Growing up in a musical household, she started writing songs at the ripe age of five. Sophie's writing expresses typically unspoken truths in a unique and poignant way, leading to Sophie amassing a following of over 200k followers on TikTok, 360k+ monthly listeners on Spotify, over 30 million streams across platforms (15+ million of which can be attributed to her indie hit "Cognitive Dissonance), and a viral trend to her self-produced "butterfly effect - demo" on TikTok resulting in over 30k video creations. After spending 2023 opening for Trousdale and Catie Turner on US tours, Sophie is gearing up to release her first independent song, "Tippy Toes," on March 28th.  

Next single - "tippy Toes" listening link:

Quote from Sophie About "Tippy Toes"

" Three years ago, freshman year of college, my videos were going viral for the first time on TikTok. Labels were reaching out to me. It felt like everything that I had ever wanted was finally coming to fruition. I signed a deal with a label, dropped out of school, and moved to LA. I made new music and new friends. I had a song become a viral trend, accumulated over 30+ million streams, and went on a few tours. It felt like everything was going better than I ever could've imagined -- until it wasn't. As I was making the best music of my life, it felt like my label and I were drifting further apart. While I appreciated the hard work and dedication from many members of my team, I couldn't help but feel like we weren't on the same page anymore. So, we parted ways. It was a super complex bundle of emotions because we both knew that working together wasn't right anymore, but I also had so much love for the people that helped me get where I am. So I wrote "Tippy Toes" as a way to deal with all of that. I see it as a kind of "letting go anthem" that is much bigger than just the story of parting ways with a label. After I wrote it about that specific situation, I realized how much it also relates to past relationships I've gone through and the general stages of mourning something that you know is ending for the better. It navigates through different layers of grief -- from the confusion in lyrics like "Came to your door on my tippy toes / You told me you'd take care of me" to anger in "I've tried to hate you / I hate that I don't / 'Cuz I'm still on your side even though we ran cold" to acceptance in "it's best that we both let this door close". It felt incredbly fitting for this song to be my first release ever as an independent artist, and it is just the start of all of the music that is to come."

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credit: perfume meltdown

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