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The Story of the Song - Megan's Song

Updated: Sep 2, 2022


I wrote this song about my best friend in the whole world -- you guessed it -- Megan. We met the day before we began living together as freshman year roommates at Berklee College of Music. We had only FaceTimed once before moving in together, and when the chaos of move-in day subsided, we awkwardly interacted, uncertain if we would be friends, let alone BEST friends; because of COVID, we had to quarantine for 10 days together in our room, and let me tell you, ten days will teach you a lot about a person and the relationship you will have. In 10 days we went from strangers to inseparable, and we pretty much have been ever since. We dealt with relationship drama, homework, family trauma, and everything in between during the four months that we lived together.


Going to college and meeting Megan was kind of the first time I really let my walls down in friendships. I was so afraid to be seen as I was before. I was so uncertain of who I was and who I wanted to be. Growing up, I moved around a lot and didn't keep the same group of friends for more than a year or two, so when I left college after the first year to pursue music full time, I expected to lose those relationships yet again. But I didn't. Because I had been vulnerable and honest and myself, I connected deeper with my new friends than I ever had before - fostering a kind of platonic love that was so deep and beautiful and true. When I started taking trips to LA to write songs, I decided to bring up Megan in a session and write a love song about our friendship and the greater idea of vulnerability and being seen.


Megan and I are still best friends a year later, and I am very grateful to have continued to open up to the people around me and make more "Megans," if you will. I hope you love the song, and if you haven't found your people yet, I promise they are coming. As cheesy as it is, be yourself and the rest will follow.

Lots of love,

Sophie <3

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1 Comment

May 24, 2023

It's wonderful to have a friend who can support you through various ups and downs of life, including relationship drama, academic challenges, and personal struggles. Cherish and celebrate your friendship, as it sounds like you have a special bond that will endure. Writing a song about your best friend is a meaningful way to express your appreciation and create a lasting tribute to your friendship. This is a great song that should be played on the best vinyl turntables:

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