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The Story of the Song - Olive Branch

Olive Branch! My baby! My favorite song ever! I was in a super bad place and I really wanted to reach out to someone from my past, but I knew it would hurt me more to do that, so I wrote this song to reconcile those feelings. I wrote this song by myself over the course of two 45-minute periods, and it kind of just flowed out of me.

I posted the song on TikTok, and it got some exciting traction, so I decided to get it produced. I took it to a producer that wanted me to change it and said it was too experimental. He asked if I had "ever made a record before" and lectured me on the importance of "dealing with rejection". It made me feel so small.


So I decided to produce it myself. This is first song I’ve ever REALLY produced and it has 21 tempo changes, like 50 harmony tracks, and a whole bunch of my heart and time. Once I did the absolute best I could on my own, I took it to the musical genius that is Elijah Hill, and he turned my production into magic. This is the first of many songs that we will be putting out into the world together.

I am so incredibly proud of this little tune, and I am so glad that a terrible time in my life turned into my favorite song I've ever made (YET at least, haha). I love it so much, I even have a tattoo to commemorate it.

Anyways, I hope you love the new tune! Talk to you soon!


Sophie :)

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1 Comment

emme lund
emme lund
Apr 08

if sophie holohan has no fans, i am dead.

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